Self portraitI can not remember a time when my family did not own or use a camera. I remember using my dad’s large format cameras, then the smaller brownie cameras, cameras with interchangeable lenses, film, digital and now the camera in my phone.  Photography has always been a passion of mine.

Traveling to many countries and throughout the U.S. provides many opportunities to create memories of people and places that I encounter. I also find beauty in my surroundings here on the North Shore of Boston, and in the city itself.

The gift of photography is that is allows us to see the world in new ways; to notice the minutiae of the world as it goes by, and find beauty in the everyday as well as the exotic.

Much of my work attempts to move beyond the original photo to explore colors and textures, and the seen and unseen portions of our vision. Like sounds that are beyond the range of our hearing, the world of color is beyond our ordinary range of vision. The camera and then image processing distills from one color all the other tones and colors which together create a whole; the color we see in the final image. In this regard, I attempt to emulate the great impressionist and abstract painters whose works I’ve always admired.

My own images are available in a variety of sizes and can be ordered to meet specific needs. I also enjoy working with images that people submit to me of themselves, their loved ones and their pets.

If any of those options appeal to you, please contact me!